Prices, Limits & Taxes


Please note: all prices on are displayed in Euros and you will be charged in Euros. Your credit card company may also apply a fee to your transaction.


Our merchandise is not authorized for re-sale, so in order to enforce this policy, online purchases are limited to twenty-five (25) items per style, per customer.


All prices include any VAT and Duties payable. Import VAT and Duty is calculated at the point of importation and paid by Gap. It may be shown on your order / receipt for information purposes only.

If you return a product, you will be refunded the full price you paid for the product. You may also receive a refund of your shipping costs, in accordance with our Terms of Sale. You will not be required to or entitled to seek refund of the Import VAT & Duty. 

Our VAT registration numbers in the EU are:

  • France: 27 529003667
  • Germany: 2524656130
  • The Netherlands: 823224430B01
  • Denmark: 12 60 48 23
  • Sweden: 502069-3056 01
  • Spain: N8261695D
  • Belgium: 0831880116
  • Republic of Ireland: IE9764451C
  • Estonia: EE101425924
  • Portugal: 980448271
  • Slovakia: SK4020311053
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia

To request a VAT invoice or exemption, contact our Customer Service team. Please find the free phone number for your country at