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Meet the teens who inspired us
Meet Rebekah Bruesehoff @therealrebekah Transgender Youth Activist
REBEKAH BRUESEHOFF @therealrebekah Transgender Youth Activist Rebekah uses her voice and shares her personal story to touch hearts, change minds, and inspire positive change. As a transgender youth activist, Rebekah works alongside her mom to provide educational opportunities and advocate policy changes that protect and support LGBTQ+ youth.
Meet Lily Oyen @lilyoyen Independent Producer, Singer & Songwriter Singer and songwriter
LILY OYEN @lilyoyen Independent Producer, Singer & Songwriter Singer and songwriter Lily has found her voice through music. Proficient in piano, guitar, and ukulele, she loves to experiment with different sounds and instruments in her music.
Meet Mari Copeny @littlemissflint Clean Water Activist & Philanthropist
MARI COPENY @littlemissflint Clean Water Activist & Philanthropist Mari has been fighting for clean water in her community of Flint, Michigan, since 2014. As her voice and advocacy work rose to national fame, Mari has expanded her wings and her impact to fight for climate justice, racial justice, gender equality, and more.
Meet Archie Eicher @aboynamedarchie Inclusivity Activist & Member of @sandalgapstudio
ARCHIE EICHER @aboynamedarchie Inclusivity Activist & Member of @sandalgapstudio As an activist with Down syndrome, Archie has been breaking down barriers, stereotypes, and the us-versus-them mentality society places around those with disabilities. Together with his family, he created Sandal Gap Studio, a one-of-a-kind art studio in Houston. It’s a nonprofit organization for artists of all abilities and celebrates inclusion, equality, and unity through art.

Teen Collection

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